We are StuffPanda

We are a bunch of guys who hate the Stereotype and we love whatever is Inspiring.
Brain-dead Simple and ridicously Inspiring stuff is what we are.
Whats do we do?
We are a bunch of Passionate, driven, chilled out folks having fun at our Mumbai office. (yeah, you can call it work).
What are we upto right now?
Our designers have been upto some totally awesome design stuff, you can check them out in our 'Products' section. Most of them are exceedingly Inspiring, some are fun and some just great designs. And they are put on to some totally cool product line which includes:
Glass framed Wall posters
Wall Door stickers decals
Laptop Skin decals
Just Posters
Mobile cases 
We are in Beta mode guys, we may goof up. Feel free to shoot your ideas, suggestions, feedback on stuffpandaretail@gmail.com, we'lll work on it.. God Promise! :)
If you want to reach out and say Hi, visit the Contact us link.
Have fun!